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Iceland, on our way to Greenland


Barnaby and I arrived in steamy NYC a week ago. Even though it was in the mid 90s, and very humid, we still enjoyed our short visit. This photo is from one of my favorite places, the new Whitney Museum. It has wonderful outdoor spaces, as well as lovely galleries.


This photo is from the old Whitney, now the Met Breuer. It’s so exciting to have this space being used for contemporary art (again). I love this window.




The bust on the left is made of chocolate, the right is soap. Yum.






The old Met is still one of our favorites, we enjoyed the beautiful American wing — we haven’t been there since it was recently remodeled. Barnaby is really happy anywhere the air conditioning is working.


Saturday night we flew to Iceland, on route to Greenland. Our flight arrived at 6 am, so we were taken on a little tour. Our first stop was a geothermal plant. Iceland is volcanic, so there are many hot springs, geysers, earthquakes, and active volcanos. They use this to heat and power their cities. It is an amazing place — virtually no crime, no unemployment, no poverty, no illiteracy, and a surprisingly mild climate: 30s in the winter with little snow, and 50s in the summer — a perfect climate for me.


The population of Iceland is about 380,000, a third live in and around Reykjavik. Then┬áthere are about 80,000 of these wonderful little horses. They’re naturally gaited making them very comfortable to ride. I can hardly wait to come back.