Anne and Barnaby love to travel. This blog replaces all those emails that Anne used to send so that friends and family can see the latest photos and read the stories at their leisure.

2 responses to “About

  • Janet Goldberg

    Beautiful quilts … what a fun show!

  • Mikael Canneroth

    I am working as an Art Director at an advertisment agency i Sweden. http://www.tredjemannen.se. At the moment we are producing a book about libraries for one of our clients. You have a photo of the exterior of the Alexandria library that we would like to use in this book. Npw I wonder, is it one of your own picture or do you know who has the rights to it? It is the photo of the facade that is coverd with triangular shapes. I would be most greatful if you could help me.

    Kinderst Regards
    Mikael Canneroth

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