Down memory lane

Sometimes you don’t have to travel very far from home to have a completely different experience. Last night, Barnaby and I loaded the car to the brim with instruments and dogs for a quick trip to Northern California and Oregon. We only got as far as Palm Desert but it was worth the stop. My sister Lorna works for the Palm Springs Follies and when we got into her car to go for some dinner she had to move one of the Follie’s headdresses from her backseat. On our return, after a couple glasses of wine, I wanted to try it on. My normally sedate, 85 year old Mom had to get in on the action:

We were impressed — the thing probably weighs 20 pounds and it’s been a long time since we’ve practiced our posture by walking around with a stack of books on our heads.

Speaking of girly stuff — here’s another photo this one of my sister from 1969. Wow. We forgot how beautiful youth was — okay, so I wish we knew then what we know now.

Stay tuned.


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Anne Finch lives in Idyllwild, California. She and her husband Barnaby love to travel. They also love their hometown. View all posts by Anne Finch

2 responses to “Down memory lane

  • April Stender

    Anne, I had to stop by and see your pics. Your mother looks so beautiful. She does NOT look 85yo. It looks like you and Barnaby have been doing a lot of traveling to Europe. I am sorry we have not been able to hook up. Timing has been terrible both times I went to CA.

    I wish I could have seen the Last Supper. I imagine that was an incredible moment. The last supper was a snapshot in time when Jesus ate his last meal with His 12 disciples before He was crucified. The supper was during the feast of Passover, before Sedar. You made a comment about wanting to know more, so I wanted to share the little I have studied about it. During this supper was when Jesus instructed about taking communion often in remembrance of His gift of salvation to all men who believe.

    Hugs to you and Barnaby,
    Warmly, April

  • Lorna Hudson

    Anne, That pix of Mom is so sweet…showed it to her last night…big smiles!!
    XOXO Lorna

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