Tower of Power in Carson City

IMG_9458I’m in Carson City, Nevada visiting my sister Lorna. Last night we went to a fundraiser and Tower of Power was the main act. It was great fun — they played all the old hits. They’ve added some new players, the lead singer wasn’t even born when the band hit the charts back in the 70’s, but several of the original members are still playing. They sounded great. “You’re still a young man, Baby, ooh — don’t waste your time…”.

IMG_9459My niece Amy and her beau Joseph  were along and dancing most of the performance. The money was being raised for a working greenhouse at the high school. It’s pretty cool that Carson City High School has a farming program, as well as a culinary school. The audience was on their feet most of the concert — I was surprised there were so many fans of such a funky band in this white bread community!

Abby and my sister’s cat Tyson just can’t quite catch up on their much needed sleep!


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