Wildlife of the Baltic

The Baltic isn’t really known for wildlife, but since I love animals, I always photograph them.There were no penguins or albatrosses in Poland, but they do have cats. This one in a closed shop window in Gdansk.

Dogs are social everywhere. This meeting in Lubeck, Germany. 

Dogs love pizza everywhere (so do people). When you travel you realize how similar we all really are. Who doesn’t love to spend a Saturday afternoon walking their dog, eating pizza and drinking a beer?

Street cats in Gdansk.

A political statement in Copenhagen.

In the Royal Gardens in Copenhagen.

Dick making friends in Copenhagen.

Why can’t we get these cute Fords in the U.S.? Okay, I know this isn’t “wildlife”, but maybe if we all would at least exchange our SUVs for one of these little models we could possibly save some of the wildlife we have left. Better yet, we should turn in our cars for a bicycle. I admit that is more attractive if you live in a small, flat place like Copenhagen or Stockholm. It would be trickier getting groceries up our mountain from Hemet on a bicycle.


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Anne Finch lives in Idyllwild, California. She and her husband Barnaby love to travel. They also love their hometown. View all posts by Anne Finch

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