Fall in Santa Fe, Angel Fire, Leadville and back to Idyllwild

October 20, 2010

Barnaby and I got back from the Baltic and we were home for about a week when we left again for a quick visit to Santa Fe to see my niece and her husband and then on to Angel Fire to visit my brother Zach. Plus we sold our little house in Leadville and it was time to go pack up and move out. I did take a panorama of our new house in Idyllwild, albeit on an unusual cloudy day.

As usual the drive was gorgeous, we managed to just miss the four tornadoes that touched down west of Flagstaff, Arizona. We discovered a fabulous restaurant in Winslow, Arizona — The Turquoise Room in the La Posada Hotel. I was looking on Yelp and thought we’d be lucky to find a Denny’s. Who knew we would discover a gourmet restaurant hundreds of miles from any big city. We weren’t the only people to find it though — we were lucky to get a reservation later that evening.

Ruins in Rice, California


Theo enjoying his stop in Rice


Fall colors near Santa Fe



We spent several days in Santa Fe enjoying a long overdue visit with my niece Amy and her husband Robb. We visited an open studio tour in Abiquiu. Among the dozens of artists represented, we enjoyed not only the art but also seeing how the artists live. This photo was from a weaver’s studio. 


Lavender farm, Abiquiu, New Mexico


On our way to Leadville, we stopped to see my brother Zach in Angel Fire. Zach built a beautiful log home there several years ago. He has a couple of cats inside, but the neighbor dogs come to visit frequently, probably looking for those special biscuits he keeps by the door for them. Winter comes early to Angel Fire, it was already brisk in early October. We loved it! It was still warm in Santa Fe.





Some of Zach's collection

Fruit stand near Taos on the road to Angel Fire


When we left Angel Fire, we drove north to Leadville, Colorado. Barnaby and I bought our little house in 2000. We completely remodeled it and had hoped to spend summers there, but never seemed to find the time. Since we hadn’t visited at all for a few years, we decided it was time to sell.  It seemed a shame to have such a lovely home sit empty. It was a bittersweet visit: happy to have sold the place to a nice young college professor, but sad to say goodbye. Leadville is sort of off the beaten track, and not the kind of place you’d drop by. This is our back yard on a typical autumn day — a balmy 40 degrees at 10,000 feet.


Road trips are the best!

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone — eat your heart out Nikon!


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One response to “Fall in Santa Fe, Angel Fire, Leadville and back to Idyllwild

  • Catherine Holliss

    LOVE the shout-out to your iPhone – I would never have guessed that it wasn’t a full-service camera! Glad to hear that your itchy feet have led you on a merry dance. Can’t wait to do road trips again – so fun.

    Hoping to see you this Fall – we are going to try and bring the Dauphin back up to the mountains… Big hugs, Catherine (and Whitney and Wyeth)

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